Replika – the only LGBT magazine in Poland. The first issue was published in December 2005.

Replika keeps you fully informed about the LGBT social and political situation in both Poland and the world today. Replika supports the civil partnership bill, reports on the most important LGBT events, publishes reports on LGBT rights in both the European Union  and the US as well as  reviews of LGBT books, films and theatres performances. You can also find in Replika  the only LGBT best-selling books and films list in Poland, based on the sales results of the internet bookstore bearbook.pl. We cover the work of LGBT NGOs  across Poland. As well as publishing the life stories of LGBT icons, we are also interested in LGBT business development in Poland and people involved in this and in our special lifestyle section we follow LGBT fashion trends along with the latest gossip on LGBT celebrities in the show biz section.

The Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH) first published Replika in 2005 and  since 2011 has been published by Replika Foundation.

Replika’s first editor-in-chief  was Ewa Tomaszewicz who ran the magazine until April 2009. She has been succeeded by Mariusz Kurc.

Replika’s circulation is approx. 3,500. The magazine is available in the best LGBT clubs around Poland as well as in subscription form.

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