Shame-Free Zone


In a time of “LGBT-Free zones”, in the face of the words “LGBT is not people” which fell from the mouth of the Polish President last year, and in the face of ever more frequent and ever more brutal persecution of the Polish LGBT community by the police, we present a naked calendar in which the protagonists oppose the homophobia/transphobia upheld by the State.

(please note further information is in Polish).

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The nude models in the “Shame-Free Zone” calendar are:

  • Three all male couples, two of whom married – a Polish-Brazilian couple (Mateusz and Fabio Da Costa) and two all Polish couples (Darek Radomski and Michał Dudziński; and also Adam Kozieł and Paweł Markowicz);
  • Łukasz Sabat, winner of ‘Mr Gay Poland’ and PREP activist;
  • 88 year old actor, writer, youtuber and radio personality, Jerry Nasierowski, the oldest model in the calendar;
  • Dancers: Yevgenyi Jake who comes from Kazakstan, Marek Bratkowski and Tomasz Jakowienko;
  • Two trans men Maksym Czajkowski and Gabriel Kaw, who prove that trans trans people do not need to be ashamed of their bodies. On the contrary, they can feel just as attractive as cis people;
  • Trans drag queen, Ka Katharsis who demonstrates ‘tucking’, a skill made public by RuPaul’s Drag Race and never before photographed in Poland;
  • Corporate employees: Dawid Plebanek, Dominik Zwierzchowski and Damian Kot;
  • Medical Coach Jarek Jamiński;
  • An exceptional group shot including, in a single photo, nine previous participants of “Replika’s” calendars: Linus Lewandowski, Adrian Sapała, Daniel Mękarski, Kaleem Uddin, Łukasz Sabat, Tymon Radwański, Paweł Mężyński, Maciej „Gąsiu” Gośniowski and Dawid Brzozowski.

The photographers are Fotoman, Paweł Spychalski, Michał Sosna (No_Pic_No_Chat) nad Ilya Karvat.


Click here to see the censored images from the calendar!

All the models posed for free. All the proceeds from the calendar will go towards the development of “Replika”, the only LGBT magazine in Poland.